Writings & iOS 8

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Dear writing lovers,

we are aware of incompatibility issues between Writings and iOS 8, and we are working hard to provide an update as soon as possible (of course, the update with iOS 8 support will be free for all the existing users). Unfortunately, due to major changes in the iOS environment, Writings requires substantial changes that are taking more time than we'd like to be completed. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to our users and we keep on working hard on the update, which is now not so far away.

In the meantime, we decided to suspend the sale of Writings until it is fully compatible with the latest version of iOS.

If you'd like, you can join our beta program in order to test a preliminary version of Writings with iOS 8 compatibility and help us further refining it before the public release. In this case, drop us an email at beta@writingsapp.com and we'll contact you as soon as the beta is ready to be downloaded.

Thanks for your support,

Ludovico & Vito

Writings 1.6.1

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Writings 1.6.1 is now available on the App Store

With this update, Writings introduces a quicker way to access the system's Undo/Redo functionalities, directly from the writing environment. All with our usual attention to the detail :)

If you like Writings as much as we do, please consider leaving a review on the App Store to support its development. Thanks!

Writings 1.6

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Writings' second birthday is just a few days away and a new version is available on the App Store!

This time we focused on the Dropbox integration, to make the process of linking a workspace with Dropbox even easier. From now on, when linking a workspace with Dropbox, you can easily browse your Dropbox account to select—or create—the one you want to synchronize with.
No need to manually type the folder's full path anymore :)

Some other improvements also available in this version:
  • The Dropbox authentication was redesigned to take advantage of the latest Dropbox API
  • The TextExpander component was updated to the latest version
  • Lots of under-the-hood enhancements to take advantage of the latest iOS technologies

Thank you for your support and great feedback,  

Happy Writing!

Writings 1.5

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Hi all writers,

this new version of Writings—now available on the App Store—adds "smart keys" to the additional keyboard in order to help you adding/removing quotation marks or parentheses, plus a new em-dash key. You can watch a short video to see how the new smart keys can help you in your writing workflow.

As requested by many users, it is now possible to switch to a shorter additional keyboard to free up some additional writing space.

As you may know, in Writings you can move the text cursor character by character with a tap on the left or right page margin area. Now you can also move it word by word simply by holding down your finger on the left or right page margin area.

And did we mention this update also brings delicious graphics for the new iPad? ūüėČ

Thanks for your support,

Happy writing! ūüėÄ

Writings 1.4 now available

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Hi all writers,

a new version of Writings is now available on the App Store. We're happy to say that, as requested by many users, Writings 1.4 adds printing support through AirPrint. Furthermore, Writings is now available in five more languages: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese!

As usual, if you like Writings please leave a good rating in the App Store every time an update comes out to keep supporting its development.

Thanks for your support,

Happy writing! :)

Writings 1.3

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Hi all writers,

we are very happy to announce that the upcoming update of Writings will introduce some of the most requested enhancements. With Writings 1.3, you will be able to:

  • Search for documents in a workspace and among workspaces.
  • Order documents by title (or modification date).
  • Switch between character and word count in the yellow note on the wooden desk.
  • Switch between two sets of keys for the accessory keyboard (the new set includes quotation marks more common in English).

The update is almost ready, but we still need your help for a quick round of beta testing thanks to everyone who applied, no more beta spots are available at this time. See you in the next beta round!

We are constantly working to make Writings even better, and we are also thinking of some future projects… But that's another story for another time.

Happy writing! :)

Writings for iPad gets even better!

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Hi all writing lovers, Ludovico and Vito here. We're happy to announce that a very important update of Writings, with amazing new features, has been released today on the App Store. As you will discover by yourself, there are three features that make this update particularly noteworthy.

First, you can now create workspaces, a unique and intuitive way to group documents by context. Each workspace can be synchronized with a different Dropbox folder, even on a different Dropbox account, so that you are given with an extraordinary amount of flexibility to organize the various groups of documents.

Second, you can speed up your writing by enabling, above the standard keyboard, an additional row of keys with the most common punctuation characters. The additional keyboard also includes a tab key that can be used, for instance, to indent the first line of a paragraph.

Third, the Dropbox synchronization has been enhanced by adding a quicker way to sync the document you're writing, directly from the Tools menu, and by providing a better integration with other writing tools and apps, such as Scrivener on Mac.

You can learn more about the new features (and watch a video of them in action) by visiting our brand new website, and you can download the update directly from the App Store. If you don't already own Writings, this might be a great chance to buy it at $4.99 (USD)!

What we’re working on

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If you’re curious to get a feel for what we’re working on, you can watch a short video preview.

Among other new features, the next update of Writings will let you group your files by context and sync with different Dropbox folders. Of course, all of this with our usual care for design and fine details.

We’ll post more details on this as the update will be close to the App Store release.

If you’d like to help us for a quick round of beta testing, you can apply here.¬†Thanks to everyone who applied, no more beta spots are available at this time. See you in the next beta round!

Keep following us (also on our Twitter and Facebook pages) for the latest news.

Happy writing!

Writings update sneak peek

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Writings was released less than a month ago, and we’re happy to see that it’s getting a good response.¬†Here is a short list of websites that have reviewed or introduced Writings on its launch:

Also, many of you have written us to share why you love the app, and this really encourages us to keep up making Writings even better.

Since the first day Writings came out, we’ve collected all of your comments and suggestions,¬†and we’re constantly working to further improve our app.

In particular, so far we’ve spotted out two main user requests:

  1. A quicker way to browse among a great number of documents.
  2. More Dropbox sync options.

As regards request #2, we’re working on something really interesting¬†that you’ll see in a future update.

In the meantime, we’re ready to give you a sneak peek of the very next update of Writings, which will be available really soon and will address request #1.

The quickest way to browse your documents is probably a list, and that’s what we added in this update. However, since maintaining a great user experience is one of our main concerns, we did our best to integrate the documents list into the existing Writings philosophy.

You can watch a short video preview¬†that should give you an idea of what you’ll get in the update.

Also, here is a screenshot with the list (in the app, you can show or hide the list by pressing the List button on the desk):

Writings List Update

The update will be available on the App Store in a couple of days. As usual, we welcome and encourage your feedback through email, Twitter, Facebook or on this blog.

Happy writing :)

Writings is out!

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We’re very happy to announce that Writings for iPad is now¬†available on the App Store, priced at $4.99 (USD).

We hope you’ll like it, and always welcome your comments and suggestions.

You can reach us here, on Twitter, Facebook or by dropping us an email.

Happy writing! :)