Writing environment

  • Plain text editor for iPad, particularly suitable for long writing sessions.
  • Tap on the left or right page margin area to move the text cursor character by character.
  • Tap and hold on the left or right page margin area to move the text cursor word by word.
  • Real-time character/word/line count – may be hidden or visible while writing.
  • If some text is selected, the character/word/line count refers to the selection.
  • Optional extra row of keys above the standard keyboard provides quick access to the most common punctuation characters, plus a tab character you can use, for instance, to indent the first line of a paragraph.
  • With "smart keys" you can quickly add opening and closing quotation marks or parentheses, even around a selected text.
  • You can switch to a thinner extra row of keys when in landscape orientation.
  • Start writing right away with the beautiful interface already provided, or choose the text font, size and text/background colors you find most comfortable for writing (including reverse color scheme).
  • All controls fade out while writing, providing a distraction-free interface – one tap outside of the keyboard restores controls.
  • Adjust the page width.
  • Quickly show or hide the document title when writing.
  • Quickly toggle check spelling on/off.
  • TextExpander support.


Dropbox synchronization

  • Optionally store and retrieve your documents online through a Dropbox account (free, if you don't already have one).
  • You can group your documents and synchronize each group with a different Dropbox folder, even on different Dropbox accounts (see «Workspaces» below).
  • To synchronize your documents, tap on the Cloud button on the desk.
  • You can quickly synchronize the document you're writing directly from the Tools menu (useful to make a quick online backup of what you're writing).



  • Group your documents according to their context by creating workspaces.
  • Each workspace can be synchronized with a different Drobox folder, even belonging to different Dropbox accounts.
  • When synchronizing a workspace with Dropbox, use the Dropbox browser to visually choose the folder to synchronize with. NEW


Document browsing

  • Browse your writings through a stunning interface.
  • Easily browse among a great number of documents using the documents list.
  • Easily recognize documents on the virtual desk through their incipits, modification date and character count.
  • Search for documents containing a given text, both in a workspace and among all workspaces (a search bar is available at the top of the document list and at the top of the Workspaces interface).
  • Order documents by title (or modification date) by tapping on the "Order By" button at the top left of the wooden desk.


Document sharing

  • Send your texts as email messages or attachments.
  • Easily copy the full document text, duplicate a document or create a new one with the clipboard content.
  • Print your documents through AirPrint.
  • Access your documents through iTunes file sharing.
  • Supports "Open in…" from Mail and other apps.



  • Remembers the text position where you were writing.
  • Stores text files in UTF-8 ".txt" format.
  • Includes additional monospace fonts.
  • When reading, pinch to quickly adjust the text size.
  • Tap on the character count to toggle among character, word and line count.
  • Tap on the color button to toggle between paper background and plain color mode.
  • Tap on the yellow note on the desk to switch between character and word count.
  • Tap on the arrow button on the extra row of keys to switch between two different sets of keys.


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